Make the most of your unused loft by converting it into anything from Children’s play room, bedroom, office or even a home cinema room

Maybe you require a more organised accessible storage area? Or your loft may be an unused space that could have to potential to make into a useable room.

Loft conversion

A loft conversion can be a great way of utilising a space to provide an extra room. Before a loft conversion a loft is usually used as an overflow storage, why not make the most of this space? You could convert your loft into your own home cinema or maybe a children’s toy room would be a great idea helping the rest of your house kept tidy.

Why convert your loft:
  • Adds value to your home
  • Saving the hassle of moving home for extra living space
  • Garden / outside space is not lost
  • Neighbours not affected — no loss of view or light
  • Planning permission normally not required
  • Quicker to complete than other types of extensions
  • Great use of wasted space
What does a basic loft conversion require:
  • Reinforcement of the floor
  • Skylights
  • Added insulation
  • A staircase to the loft
  • Electrics, lighting and heating
  • Fire safety measures to comply with Building Regulations such as fire doors and smoke alarms.

Loft storage conversion

If you are pushed for storage space in your home or maybe you’re looking to convert your garage into a living area and require another storage area then this could be your answer. Convert your loft into a more accessible area to safely store Christmas decorations, memory boxes, extra clothes and anything else.

What is required to transform your loft into storage area: