Is your garage is a horrific no go zone filled with spiders, old carpets and paint tins? Why not convert it into a useable room? Convert your unused garage into a light, bright room!

With minimal disruption you are able to transform your garage into a useable room which can be anything from a family room to a home gym!

Garages are now rarely used for cars therefore if you’re needing extra living space then a garage conversion is a great idea. Converting your garage can add up to 20% extra living space into your home. You will find that converting your garage into a living area is a lot more cost and time effective that moving home.

A garage can be converted in as little as 2 weeks. This includes everything down to the finishing touches of painting.

Why convert your garage:
Ideas for use of space:
  • Extended kitchen
  • Childrens play room
  • Family room
  • Office / Study
  • Guest bedroom with or without en suite
  • Cinema room
  • Gym